Gochuumon ha Abema desuka? Bloom 1

title Gochuumon ha Abema desuka? Bloom 1
date/time 2020.09.19
broadcast abema tv
seiyuu Sakura Ayane (Ұ)
Taneda Risa ()
Satou Satomi (ƣ)
Tokui Sora (Ķ)
Murakawa Rie

This was a special broadcast for the new TV series Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka Bloom. It was broadcast on Abema, but there was an archive on youtube for a short time.

The seiyuu guests were Sakura Ayane, Taneda Risa, Satou Satomi, Tokui Sora, and Murakawa Rie. It was the first time for Sora and Rie to appear on a Gochi Usa broadcast.

Today was Chiya's birthday, so there was a quiz about Chiya. Everyone except Satomi participated, and Satomi acted as the judge.

The Gochi Usa CD "Blend of Letters", an album containing ballads, went on sale today. Each seiyuu talked a little about their songs.

In the next corner, each seiyuu had to say some cute lines. Satomi played the role of the boy, and the other seiyuu did the role of the girl friend.

Next they showed some of the Gochi Usa goods that are on sale only on Abema. There will be two characters going on sale at a time, and the first two characters are Cocoa and Chiya.

The Gochi Usa Bloom TV anime will start on 10/10.

The Gochuumon ha Orchestra desuka? event will take place on 2/6 2021, at Bunkamura Orchard Hall. The guests will include Satou Satomi, Tokui Sora, Murakawa Rie, and Hayami Shou.

The TV anime opening and ending songs songs will go on sale 10/28.

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