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  • Tenshi no 3P 4

    title Tenshi no 3P niconama Katsudou Nisshi 4
    date/time 2017.08.04
    broadcast niconico
    archive none
    hosts Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
    Endou Yurika (遠藤ゆりか)
    Koga Aoi

    This was the fourth broadcast for the TV anime Tenshi no 3P (three piece). The hosts were Ohno Yuuko, Endou Yurika, and Koga Aoi.

    The is a collaboration cafe at NewType Shinjuku Cafe and Bar until 8/14.

    There will be a Tenshi no 3P! Special Live on 2018.02.04 at Zepp Tokyo. The guests will be Yuuko, Yukari, Aoi, Inoue Yuuki, and others.

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