Anime Pia Channel 105

title Anime Pia Channel (アニメぴあちゃんねる) 105
date 2017.02.09
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hosts Takao Yuki
Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
guests Kuwahara Yuuki (桑原由気)
Takai Maika
Mizuma Tomomi

This was the 105th broadcast of Anime Pia Channel.
The emcee for this broadcast was Takao Yuki.

Kouno Marika was absent for this broadcast as she was sick, and all of the guests were there from the beginning of the broadcast. The guests were Kuwahara Yuuki, Takai Maika, and Mizuma Tomomi from the seiyuu production Mausu (same as Sawako and Marika).

The first corner was the "recent photos corner". Yuki said her song was used in the Saki movie, and the movie was released recently.

Sawako showed a photo of herself in a blue china dress. It was from the time she appeared in the Sangokushi Taisen broadcast on 2/5.

Yuuki said she played the Bio Hazard game recently, and it was very scary.

Maiki said she has a pet hamster, and when she feeds it some yogurt, the hamster is very cute. Then Yuki said she used to have a hamster before.

Tomomi said she bought a kotatsu (a table with a built in heater), and stays in it all the time because it's so cold. But she said she burned her rear..

The next corner was the "upcoming events corner".

Sawako has a lot of events coming up. She will appear in the Cocolors Special Collabo live on 2/17 and 2/18. Yuuki and Maika will also appear in it. Also Sawako will appear in a Tylor musical on 2/22, 2/25, and 2/26. Then Sawako will appear in the Koezuka in Tokyo Mix vol.03 event on 3/5.

Most of this broadcast was various games by all of the seiyuu. They played many games and were awarded points for how they did in each game. The games they played were answering surveys, drawing pictures, a physical age test, and kendama.

The physical age test was checking how long they can stand on one foot with their eyes closed. Sawako cleared it with ease as she had great balance.

For the kendama game, they made Sawako put the ball into the point at the top, instead of the cups on the side, as she was too good for the easy mode. She failed both attempts.

Then they went to the "Takaben" (Takao Yuki's bento) corner. After trying some of the bento, they went to the fashion check corner.

Sawako was wearing long brown boots, a long yellow skirt, and a cardigan with flowers around the collar. Her hair was in braided twintails, done by the make up person.

After that they went back to the games, and played jenga.

There was also a corner where everyone read lines of script, which had a fill in the blank part. The viewers voted for the winning performance.

At the end, Sawako had the most points, so she was the winner. The present was a can of Disneyland cookies.

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