Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!

title Sangokushi Taisen wo Asondemiyou!
date/time 2017.02.05 19:00-20:00
broadcast youtube, AbemaTV
cost free
seiyuu Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Sakurai Shinjirou
Egoshi Akinori
video Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)

This was a broadcast for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. This was the second broadcast in the series.
The first broadcast was broadcast on December 18, 2016.

The emcees were two comedians from the comedy unit Time Machine 3gou (タイムマシーン3号). The assistants were Nagao Mariya (永尾まりや) and Hata Sawako. They played the role of "students". Sakurai Shinjirou and Egoshi Akinori came as "teachers", as they were experienced players of the game.

Sawako was wearing a blue china dress. Her hair was up, and had a blue decoration in her hair. She also had white fluffy earrings.

Mariya was also wearing a black and red china dress, with a red decoration in her hair.

Sawako said she started playing the game at the game center, and she got one rare card.

At the beginning, everyone was seated at a long table. Shinjirou and Akinori explained the basics of Sangokushi Taisen. This broadcast was aimed at the beginners of the game.

Then they asked Sawako and Mariya to show off their china dresses. They walked around to the front of the table to show off their outfits. Mariya wasn't wearing any socks, but Sawako was wearing black stockings under the china dress. They were both wearing high heels.

Sawako, Mariya, Akinori, and Mr. Seki (one of the emcees) went to a different room with the game machines to play the game. Shinjirou stayed at the table and talked about what was going on in the game.

They had the "students" do some basic moves. While they were playing the game, they showed the game screen, and just a little bit of the game board. So you can only see the player's hands moving the cards on the board.

After a while, everyone went back to table, and the teachers continued showing more basic moves.

Then Sawako, Mariya, Shinjirou, and Mr. Seki went back to the game machines to do the next set of moves.

After some more instructions, the three students played a game against Akinori. Each student played 30 seconds each (game seconds, not real seconds). But Akinori won at the end.

Then everyone returned to the table. Shinjirou chose Sawako as the "best student", saying she used the strategies that they taught her.

At the end, Sawako and Mariya read announcements about the game. Then the three seiyuu gave some short comments in their own character's voices.

During the broadcast an advertisement video featuring Uesaka Sumire was shown twice.

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