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  • Anime Pia Channel 107

    title Anime Pia Channel (アニメぴあちゃんねる) 107
    date 2017.03.09
    hosts Takao Yuki
    Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
    Kouno Marika (高野麻里佳)
    guests Suzuki Konomi
    cost free + members only
    archive http://ch.nicovideo.jp/animepia/video

    This was the 107th broadcast of Anime Pia Channel.
    The emcee for this broadcast was Kouno Marika.

    The show opened with a live song by Suzuki Konomi (a singer). After the song, she joined everyone from the beginning of the show. The first corner was the "recent photos corner".

    Marika showed two photos of events that she appeared in last week. She had a Takkyuu Musume event and an Earphones event.

    Sawako showed a photo of her and Takada Yuuki from the Koezuka event last week. She said it was a strange event, but she had fun.

    The next corner was the "upcoming events corner".

    Marika had events every week in March.

    Sawako has three events coming up, and said, "I'm trusting that everyone will come."

    After that they went to the regular talk corner with the guest.

    After 15 minutes or so, they played a promo video of Konomi's song from her 3rd album, which was released yesterday.

    Konomi said she wrote lyrics for the first time.

    The next corner was the guest kendama corner. Konomi was given a few chances, but she missed every time.

    Then the next corner was the "Takaben" (Takao Yuki bento) corner. The guest for the second half, May'n (a singer), joined for this. The bento this time was pretty bad, and Sawako said that it wasn't food.

    After eating the bento, Konomi said good-bye and left.

    Then they went to the guest talk corner with May'n. This was the first time on this show for May'n.

    May'n was the "ambassador of taiyaki", and she wanted to spread taiyaki all over the world. The staff then brought some taiyaki to the studio and everyone ate it. May'n taught everyone the "correct" way to eat it, which was from the head, not tail.

    May'n was in the middle of her Asia Tour right now, and she will have a live in Taiwan tomorrow.

    The next corner was the guest kendama corner. May'n tried three times, but she missed every time too.

    The next corner was the fashion check corner. They got the small hand-held camera again.

    Sawako was wearing a red and dark blue checkered one piece, with a big white collar. It was very short and made out of thin materials. Sawako said the made in China ones were always like this. She was also wearing flat boots because they have to move later (in the game corner). Sawako's hair was in braided twintails.

    In the next corner, they showed some of May'n childhood photos.

    The last corner was the "reflex games" corner, just like the previous broadcast. The winner would get a box of Oreo Crispy, which just went on sale in Japan on March 6.

    May'n won the game.

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