Taketatsu Ayana TV 7

title Taketatsu Ayana TV 7
date 2017.10.11 21:00-22:00
cost free + members only
host Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
assistants Sasaki Hitomi
Uchida Shuu (Ľ)
Amako Junna

This was the 7th broadcast for Ayana TV.

They showed the jacket photos for Ayana's best album, "Apple Feuille".

Ayana said she just got back from a trip to Hawaii. She stayed in Hawaii for 4 nights, and she said it was fun. Then she showed some photos from her trip.

Ayana brought some colorful T-shirts for her assistants.

They will show videos of her Hawaii trip during the next Ayana TV broadcast.

They announced that there will be an event for this show on 12/17.

During the members only part, Ayana showed some more photos from her Hawaii trip.

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