Petit Milady 4th Live bluray Hatsubai Kinen namahousou

title Petit Milady 4th Live bluray Hatsubi Kinen namahousou
date 2018.03.31
broadcast niconico
archive none
hosts Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
Yuuki Aoi (ͪ)

This was a live broadcast commemorating the bluray of the 4th Live by Petit Milady. In addition to the bluray, they also kicked off the 5th year of Petit Milady.

This broadcast was done in front of a live audience.

The outfits worn by Aoi and Ayana look like camouflage design, but they said it was a forest design.

Since this was a party, they did a kanpai with a mugcup.

They showed and opened the package of the bluray. They also showed some video clips.

They also gave out lots of information on upcoming CDs and events. Their next single "A or A" will go on sale in May, and they showed a little bit of the promo video.

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