Petit Milady

The seiyuu group Petit Milady (プチミレディ) is a two person group made up of Yuuki Aoi (悠木碧) and Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈).

They formed in 2013, and their debut single Kagami no Dualism was released in May 2013.

Some of the CDs that Petit Milady has released are as follows.

date CD
2013.05.15 Kagami no Dualism
2014.02.05 Azurite
2014.05.07 Petit Miladia
2014.08.13 Koi ha Milk Tea
2015.01.07 Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini
2015.10.21 Hakone Hakoiri Musume
2016.07.27 Calendar Girl
2018.05.16 A or A!? [CD only]
2018.05.16 A or A!? [CD+DVD]
2018.07.25 Sekaijuu ga Koi wo Suru Yoru
2018.09.26 360 Hoshi no Orchestra

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