Petit Milady 5th Album "Howling" namahousou

title Petit Milady 5th Album "Howling" namahousou
date 2018.11.17
broadcast niconico
archive none
hosts Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
Yuuki Aoi (ͪ)

This was a live broadcast of an event for the latest album by the seiyuu group Petit Milady.

Their 5th album "Howling" goes on sale 12/19.

Ayana and Aoi said they rerecorded some songs with a band, so it feels different from before. They also showe a promo video of the song "Howling".

This CD comes with video of a trip by Aoi and Ayana to Hakodate. They showed a little bit of the video.

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