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  • Niku no Kuni 6

    title Niku no Kuni 6
    date 2018.06.13
    broadcast showroom
    seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
    Kitou Akari (ƬΤ)

    This was the sixth broadcast of Niku no Kuni by Taketatsu Ayana and Kitou Akari.

    It was the month of Ayana's birthday, and Ayana was making a big deal about it, but there was nothing special with the set. Ayana is 29 years old this year.

    Ayana and Akari had 15 meat coins left over from before.

    It turned out to be a bithday special, and there was a professional chef in the studio. They read out the menu for today, but it was very fancy and they didn't know what the foods were.

    Ayana and Akari played the games and did the tasks in a hurry, because they always run out of time.

    When the food came out, Ayana took pics with her smartphone.

    Akari said she can't eat tomatoes.

    There was a bottle of champagne. Akari said she can't drink too much. Ayana said that she couldn't drink that much when she was younger, but now she can drink.

    The next broadcast will be on July 11.

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