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  • Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 4

    title Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 4
    date 2017.07.28 21:00-22:00
    broadcast niconico, abema fresh
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt-u_UHTN-s
    hosts Itou Miku (ƣ)
    Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    guests Terakawa Aimi ()
    Nishimoto Rimi (ܤ)

    This was a live broadcast for the game BanG Dream Girls Band Party. The hosts were Itou Miku and Toyota Moe. The guests were Aimi and Nishimoto Rimi, from Poppin' Party.

    They gave out some Bang Dream related information.

    The first single by the group Pastel Palettes "Shuwarin Dreamin" placed 4th in the Oricon Weekly charts.

    The first single by the group After Glow will go on sale 9/6.

    Aimi and Rimi talked about the upcoming Bang Dream live at the Buoukan on August 21. They said it was already sold out, but there will be some live viewing locations.

    Then Moe played the new song "Fuwa Fuwa Time" in the game. She died on expert mode, but cleared hard mode.

    There will be 4 more cover songs added to the game in August.

    Then they played a couple games of Girls Band Party with the viewers. Miku and Moe played the first game, and Aimi and Rimi played the second.

    The next broadcast will be August 18.

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