Sangokushi Taisen Tournament 2/11

title Sangokushi Taisen Tournament (JAEPO 2017)
date 2017.02.11 14:00-16:30
broadcast nico nico
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Sakurai Shinjirou

This was a tournament for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. It was held at the Sega booth at JAEPO 2017, and was broadcast live on niconico.
However the quality of this broadcast was very bad, and it got cut off or stopped (both video and audio) almost every minute.

The seiyuu guests for this event were Hata Sawako and Sakurai Shinjirou.

Sawako was wearing a blue china dress, and her hair was tie up in the back.

After a very short talk by the emcee and seiyuu guests, the seiyuu went to sit down at the table.

The tournament was by 16 of the top players, and they broadcast the entire tournament. It was around two hours.

During the battles, the emcee and Shinjirou talked a lot. But Sawako didn't speak that much.

After the finals, the seiyuu went to the front of the stage to talk with the winner. Sawako handed the trophy to the winner.

At the end they showed a long promo video of Sangokushi Taisen, with a 2017 roadmap. There will be updates, new cards, a collaboration with Kobe Chinatown, and even a location test in Hong Kong. They are also working on a smartphone game.

Then there were some final comments by the seiyuu, and the event ended.

There was also another Sangokushi Taisen event the next day.

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