Sangokushi Taisen stage 2/12

title Sangokushi Taisen stage (JAEPO 2017)
date 2017.02.12 15:30-16:30
broadcast nico nico
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Kawanishi Kengo

This was an event for the arcade game Sangokushi Taisen. It was held at the Sega booth at JAEPO 2017, and was broadcast live on niconico.

The seiyuu participants were Hata Sawako and Kawanishi Kengo.

Sawako was wearing a red china dress, and her hair was tie up in the back. She was wearing black stockings under the china dress.

This event was one where the people from the audience played the game against the guests. The player guests were Kawanishi Kengo and Mr. Aoi. Sawako just sat at the table and commented a litle bit. She didn't play.

After a very short intro, they went right into the games. Kengo played against two people who were at the same ranking as himself. But he lost both games. Then he left.

Next, Mr. Aoi also played against two people, and that was the end of the games.

Then they showed a video containing new information about Sangokushi Taisen (roadmap of 2017).

After the video, Mr. Aoi talked a little about the secrets he knew about the new cards coming out soon.

Sawako said that she would like to play next time.

There was also another Sangokushi Taisen event the previous day.

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