Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Fes. Day 1

title Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Fes. Day 1
date/time 2019.09.14 11:00-16:40
broadcast youtube
emcee Shimoda Asami ()
seiyuu Ohhara Sayaka
Takamori Natsumi
Abe Rika
Nakahara Mai (渶)
Horigome Saya
Yamane Nozomi
video Ishikawa Yui

This was a live broadcast of the Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Fes. Day 1 event that took place in Bellesalle Akihabara on 9/14.
Day 2 was also broadcast.

Shimoda Asami was the emcee for all of the stages.

The stages that were broadcast were as follows.

time stage seiyuu
11:00 Opening Shimoda Asami
12:00 Special Ohhara Sayaka, Takamori Natsumi
14:00 Anime Nakahara Mai, Yamane Nozomi, Horigome Saya, Abe Rika
16:00 Ending Shimoda Asami

During the anime stage, they showed the first part of the upcoming TV anime episode 1, but it was only shown at the hall. It was cut out of the youtube broadcast.

There was also a video message by Ishikawa Yui.

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