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  • Blue Reflection Kansei Happyoukai

    title Blue Reflection Kansei Happyoukai
    date/time 2017.03.29 13:00-14:00
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3_Os7SCFyI
    cost free
    seiyuu Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
    Kouno Marika (Τ)
    Hata Sawako (»)

    This was a live broadcast of a press conference for the PS4/PS Vita game "BLUE REFLECTION 񤦾η" going on sale March 30, 2017.

    One of the directors of Koei Tecmo Games gave the opening talk.

    Then the producer (Mr. Hosoi) and character designer (Kishida Mel) came to the stage and talked about the game.

    Then the director (Mr. Takahashi) came out and gave more information about the game, while showing lots of game scenes.

    At about 13:20, the three seiyuu for the main characters (Takada Yuuki, Kouno Marika, Hata Sawako) were called to the stage.

    First, Yuuki did her self introduction, but before doing it she said, "Don't be surprised." It might have been a little toned down.. as this was a much more formal situation than her usual broadcasts.

    Then Marika and Sawako introduced themselves.. normally.

    Sawako was wearing a short sleeve white top, and a skirt with a lacy covering. The lace made it look like she was wearing a long skirt. Her hair was a little wavy.

    Kishida Mel, Mr. Hosoi, and the three seiyuu stayed on the stage to talk about the three main characters. They also showed more images and scenes of the main characters.

    When they talked about the girls' weapons, they said Raimu's weapon was a stuff doll. Then Sawako (Raimu's seiyuu) said that she always slept with two teddy bears.

    The seiyuu were on the stage for around 25 minutes, and then gave their final messages.

    After the seiyuu left, there was about 10 more minutes of talk by Mel and Mr. Hosoi.

    There was also a photo session at end, but they didn't show that during the Internet broadcast.

    There was also a live broadcast for Blue Reflection later in the day.

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