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  • Konohana Kitan Nakai Tokuban 1

    title Konohana Kitan Nakai Tokuban
    Kitsunekko tachi no Omotenashi 1
    date/time 2017.09.06 23:00
    seiyuu Ohno Yuuko (大野柚布子)
    Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
    Kubota Risa
    Suwa Ayaka (諏訪彩花)
    Kakuma Ai
    Numakura Manami (沼倉愛美)

    This was the first broadcast of the 8 part special for the TV anime Konohana Kitan. The video was around 15 minutes.

    The six main seiyuu were sitting on two sofas. They started with simple self introductions. After the intros, everyone said that Manami was the leader (emcee).

    They said that this was the first time that all six of them met together.
    (This video was taken before the recording of the anime.)

    Then everyone introduced their own characters.

    Then they showed a video of Yuuko, Sawako, and Risa going to a ryokan to learn about the "nakai" work. (nakai = female worker at ryokan)

    They went to a real ryokan in Oume (the outskirts of Tokyo), called Kawamura (かわ村).

    The first video was around 3 minutes. It was just a short video to introduce the Ryokan, and they didn't do any real training yet.

    Kitsunekko tachi no Omotenashi (狐っ娘たちのおもてなし)
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