Live Commentary "Intersect Summer"

title Uchida Maaya Live Commentary "Intersect Summer"
date/time 2017.11.27 21:00-22:30
broadcast niconico
archive none
cost free
seiyuu Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)

This was a live broadcast for the bluray/DVD of Uchida Maaya's live, "Intersect Summer", that will go on sale November 29, 2017.

They showed video clips of every song, while Maaya talked about it.

After all of the songs, they showed a couple "date" videos, which were also included in the bluray.

This broadcast was around 90 minutes, but Maaya said that she still didn't talk enough. She said she wants to do an all night talk event. But she will go home when she gets tired.

Maaya will release her 7th single in February 2018. She said she already recorded it, but can't talk about it now.

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