Live Commentary "Magic Number" Tour 2018

title Uchida Maaya Live Commentary "Magic Number" Tour 2018
date/time 2018.12.10 20:00-21:15
broadcast niconico
archive none
cost free
seiyuu Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)

This was a live broadcast for the bluray/DVD of Uchida Maaya's live, "Magic Number" Tour 2018 going on sale 12/12.

One of the band members came as a special guest.

They showed video clips of each song, and Maaya talked about the songs and the live. She said she had forgotten a lot about the live already.
(The live tour was in early summer June to July.)

After watching the video, they talked a little bit about the upcoming Budoukan New Year Live, coming up in 3 weeks (1/1). The live is sold out already, but they have some additional seats with obstructed views.

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