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  • Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 2017.09.19

    title Maeshima Ami no KokoKore 2
    date/time 2017.09.19 20:00-21:00
    broadcast abema fresh
    cost free + members only
    archive https://freshlive.tv/ami-maeshima/153778
    guest Terakawa Aimi ()

    This was the second broadcast of Maeshima Ami's internet program. It was also a public broadcast at the Harajuku Abema Studio.

    The guest was Aimi.

    At the beginning, Ami talked by herself for several minutes. Then she called for Aimi. Both Ami and Aimi were wearing beret hats.

    Ami said that she went to the Poppin' Party live in the Budoukan. She said she was very touched by Aimi's talk during the live.

    Only the first 10 minutes of this broadcast was free (just the first two minutes with Aimi), and the rest was for members only.

    The rest of the broadcast was talk by Ami and Aimi.

    Aimi said that the seiyuu she respected a lot were Milky Holmes and Nanjou Yoshino. She said that the Milky Holmes seiyuu had a Christmas Party every year, she always enjoys it.

    Aimi said that the seiyuu she hangs out with a lot (around her age) were Yamazaki Haruka, Takahashi Minami, and Machico.

    At around the 35 minute mark, Ami took a selfie together with Aimi.

    For the last 15 minutes or so, Ami looked at Aimi's official blog, and they talked about the things Aimi wrote about.

    Aimi started her blog in 2011. For the first few years, she wrote the blogs pretty consitently, but recently she wasn't writing that much. But Aimi said that she started writing blogs every day from last week, and will try to continue writing every day.

    Aimi said that Poppin' Party's 7th single "Time Lapse" will go on sale tomorrow.

    At the end, Ami showed a blank white T-shirt, and said that they will write messages on it and give it away as a present. There will be one by Ami and one by Aimi.

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