Mahou de Night - 2001.03.17

[just doing a summary of the guest corner]

The guest for Papa's corner was White Che. Nobuko, Natsumi, and Sara introduced themselves.

They talked about Kira Kira Melody Gakuen. White Che was a recently formed group, which lasts for only three months.

Natsumi said that she debuted as a singer for the anime Touch before she joined Kira Melo. She also said that she had been singing solo at the Kira Melo events until White Che, so she was lonely.

Sara said she was worried whether she can keep up with Natsumi and Nobuko, who had singing experience before joining Kira Melo. Sara said she started singing and dancing after joining Kira Melo.

Nobuko said that when they sing together, someone is off key. She said it's hard to sing as a group.

They said that they will "graduate" from Kira Melo soon. The graduation live will take place on 3/25.

Nobuko: We can meet again, so don't feel sad.
Sara: Graduation is a beginning.
Nobuko: It's a "start line".
Sara: But it's ok to cry. I'll cry.
Nobuko: It might look like I'm crying, but it's hay fever.

At the end, they played Yell, by White Che.

[Mahou de Night]

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