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  • Mahou de Night

    I i Music Magic 今夜もパーティー魔法でナイト (Mahou de Night) is a weekly radio show broadcast on Isehara FM (85.7 MHz), a very small local radio station, at 22:00 to 24:00 on Saturday evenings. However, each broadcast is also broadcast on the Internet, at http://www.ifm857.com/ as an asf file (Windows only). They keep the current broadcast on the net for one week.

    This radio show is a 2 hour talk show about music, and they usually play 6 or 7 songs during the show. The main hosts are Papa (a musician, producer) and DJ Boo. The assistant personality, starting with the 6/16 broadcast is Makio, Makiguchi Youko (巻口容子). Makio was the personality until the 12/22 broadcast.

    There is also a musician guest at the one hour mark, for a 20 minute talk with Papa.

    Some of the summaries of the broadcasts are as follows.

    date guest
    2001.03.17 White Che
    2001.06.16 B4-001
    2001.06.23 Link Link Link
    2001.06.30 Z1
    2001.07.07 Tati
    2001.07.21 6/28 event
    2001.07.28 Nakanishi Miku
    2001.08.18 Ace File
    2001.09.01 Pink Girl
    2001.09.29 Akino Hitomi
    2001.11.10 Jasmine
    2001.12.08 Digicco, Nakanishi Miku
    2001.12.15 LaLaLu

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