Mahou de Night - 2001.06.16

This was the first broadcast with Makiguchi Yoko (Makio) as the assistant personality. She introduced herself, as a former member of Kira Kira Melody Gakuen. Makio is a current member of Cutie Pai, a cosplay idol group.

Makio was born in Tokyo. She likes to cosplay as Ruri (Nadesico). Makio called herself an otaku, and said she goes to the cosplay events on her own. She makes her own costumes too.

Makio said that she collects 5 yen coins. She still doesn't have a shouwa 64 year 5 yen coin.

Makio also likes playing with computers. She likes to stay at home, and doesn't like to go out much.

Makio was a big fan of Tsunku when she was in junior high. She went chasing after him with two cameras. Makio wanted to do this kind of work (become a musician), thinking this was a way to marry him.

Makio said that she had gone to Hawaii before.

The guest for Papa's corner was B4-001.

There will be an event for this radio show on 6/28.

[Mahou de Night]

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