Mahou de Night - 2001.07.14

Makio brought "Motto Motto Tokimeki" (by Noda Junko), the theme to Tokimemo 2. Makio said she likes this song, and game.

There wasn't a guest artist for Papa's corner this week, and they just continued the talk with Makio.

Makio said that she planted some watermelon seeds a week ago, because she wanted to eat a large watermelon. She wondered when the fruit will appear.

Makio said she started making some new cosplay outfits.

At the ending, they talked about the Mahou de Night 3 event. Makio said that Mayu was feeling depressed because her strap fell off.. Makio said that she already saw some pictures taken of the "moment" that the strap came off. But Mayu had caught her outfit in time. (^_^;

They said they would broadcast some parts of the event next week. (They planned to do it this week, but they didn't finish the editing.)

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