Mahou de Night - 2001.09.29

The 9/29 broadcast of Mahou de Night had an American "guest". (^_^;

They played parts of the 9/21 public recording event on the 9/29 broadcast. Near the beginning of the broadcast (around the 5 minute mark), they called one person from the crowd onto the stage. It was Mr. Bob Davis, an American idol fan.

Bob talked to (tried to talk to) Makio for about 8 minutes. It was very funny, listening to Makio's broken English.. (^_^;

The theme of the event was caba-club (cabaret club), and Makio was a hostess. [Makio turns 19 next week.. (^_^;]

Makio sang "Touch".

A group called "Debucco" (a play on Digicco) was formed, and they sang a Digicco song. (I don't know the words well enough to know if they changed the lyrics or not.)

Makio, Papa, and Boo sang some more songs.

The group Risky and Akino Hitomi were guests, and they played their songs. Hitomi sang "Country Roads" and three of her songs.

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