Mahou de Night - 2001.11.24

Makio said that she has a passport, but it's probably expired.

Makio counted from 1 to 10 in English. Then Papa said, "Next?" Makio said that she never learned the rest!

In the English corner, Makio did the situational English again where she goes to Hawaii.. But she didn't remember anything from before. It went so slowly that this corner took 25 minutes.

Makio said she has two guitars at home. She also loves to eat mochi.

Makio said she loves Tsunku. She said that she wants to marry him. She loves everything about him. When she was in junior high, she went to watch a celeberty golf match, because Tsunku was playing in it. Makio even appeared on TV, and she has a tape of it at home.

Then she played one of his songs, "Power Song".

Makio also lined up for three days at the Yuurakuchou Marion movie theater to go to a movie showing where Tsunku was going to appear. But she was number 90-something.

Makio read a slightly erotic story.

The next Mahou de Night pulic recording will be next week (11/29). Makio said that she will make an important announcement.

[Mahou de Night]

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