Mahou de Night - 2001.12.08

They aired clips from the public recording event (2001.11.29). The guests were Digicco and Nakanishi Miku.

It opened with Makio's English lessons. As usual, Makio didn't remember much from the previous lessons.

Next was a birthday celebration for Asuka (of Digicco).

There were songs by DJ Boo, Nakanishi Miku (3 songs), Digicco (6 songs), Debucco (2 songs), and Makio (2 songs).

They cut out almost all of Nakanishi Miku's talk. (^_^;

Makio sang "White Key" (Suzuki Ami) and "Do-Shite!" (Sakurakko Club). Makio, DJ Boo, and Papa called themselves Sakurakko Club Nikuman-gumi.

[Mahou de Night]

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