Mahou de Night - 2001.12.15

This was Makio's final broadcast as the personality of this radio show.

Makio tried to read, "To my dear fans, thank you so much for all your support." But she messed it up pretty badly. She said she wanted people to write furigana on the English. (^_^;

One of the songs that they played was Makio's song "Chain". When they played Tsunku's "Single Bed", Makio sang along with it, and they broadcasted it. (^_^;

The guest in Papa's corner was LaLaLu (Miyanishi Noa, Sakurai Sara, Ohtsuka Mae, Itou Asuka, Hinano Mayo, and Kimura Ikue). With six girls it was VERY loud. (^_^; They were on the air for around 30 minutes.

Mayo (the leader of LaLaLu) explained a little bit about LaLaLu. Then each girl also talked about their work besides LaLaLu.

Asuka said that she has a home page, and appears in various events.

Mayo said she is doing some seiyuu work, and singing songs. She is also going to a gym to train.

Ikue said she is doing seiyuu work, and singing songs.

Mae said she does "anything". She is in a stage group, and does plays all over the country. She also appears in some TV drama.

Sara said she is a college student.

Noa said she is doing seiyuu work, radio work, and various other work.

Mayo said that they will have a Christmas Live on 12/24, at Roppongi Y2K. The first event is for fan club members only, and there will also be a photo session. The second event is a song live with lots of new songs.

Sara said that she liked Noa's non-sense gags, but Noa said that they were high-sense gags.

Then they played LaLaLu's debut song "You & I -Kore ga Iinjanai".

After Papa's corner, Makio said that LaLaLu were her friends, as they were all members of Kira Kira Melody Gakuen. Makio also said that she (Cutie Pai) had a live on 12/24 too.

At the end, they announced that Makiguchi Yoko will be a guest next week. (^_^;

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