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  • Myoujin WiFi Radio 4

    title Myoujin WiFi Radio 4
    date 2018.10.22
    host Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    video Kizu Rena
    archive https://agonp.jp/play/2879

    This was the 4th broadcast of Myoujin WiFi Radio.

    Sawako and Haruka read mails, and showed some photos sent in by the viewers.

    They did a short skit, which was an advertisement for Imoto no WiFi.

    The corner for today was Sekai no Shawako and Sekai no Kudoharu.

    A quote from Sawako, "There are things you can't buy with money.. But there are more things you can buy with money."

    In the foreign otaku event information corner, Rena introduced an Italian event. Rena had never left Japan, but she said the countries that she wanted to go to were the USA (New York), Taiwan, and Korea.

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