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  • Hikari wo Tomosu Kai

    title Aisaka Yuuka "Hikari Hikari" release kinen tokuban
    Hikari wo Tomosu Kai
    date/time 2017.11.15 20:00-21:00
    seiyuu Aisaka Yuuka (ͥ)
    cost free
    archive none

    This was a live broadcast for Aisaka Yuuka's single "Hikari Hikari", which went on sale today.

    The broadcast started in a dark room. Then the lights suddenly went on when Yuuka said, "hikari hikari" (light light).

    "Hikari Hikari" is the ending song to the TV anime Netjuu no Susume.

    Yuuka read lots of mails for about one hour.

    Yuuka will have many events for this CD.

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