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  • Seiren Tsuneki Hikari hen Furikaeri Miyamae Touru hen Totsunyuu Niconama

    title Seiren Tsuneki Hikari hen Furikaeri
    Miyamae Touru hen Totsunyuu Niconama
    date/time 2017.02.02 21:00 (one hour)
    broadcast niconico
    url http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv288652329
    archive none
    seiyuu Sakura Ayane (Ұ)
    Shimoji Shino
    Tamaru Atsushi
    Asari Ryouta

    This was a special live program that was broadcast a few hours before episode 5 of the TV anime Seiren. This episode was the final episode of the Tsuneki Hikari story.

    The seiyuu participating in this broadcast were Sakura Ayane, Shimoji Shino, Tamaru Atsushi, and Asari Ryouta.


    Ayane was wearing a sash that said "heroine" as Hikari was the main girl in the first four episodes. But in the middle of the broadcast, she gave that to Shino, as Touru would be the next main girl.

    Near the end of the broadcast, Ayane showed the CD containing the first ending song.

    They also announced some Seiren events.
    On Feb 16, there will be a talk show at Akihabara Gamers by Shimoji Shino and Kuroki Honoka.
    On June 24, there will be a big event with all six main seiyuu, Tamaru Atsushi, Sakura Ayane, Shimoji Shino, Kimura Juri, Numakura Manami, and Asari Ryouta.

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