Shinken! Shoujo mini stage 2016.01.23 13:00

event Shinken! Shoujo mini stage
date/time 2016.01.23 13:00-13:30
broadcast niconico
archive none
emcee Kawabata Shiori
guests Hata Sawako (»)
Arai Miwa
Moriya Haruka

This was a live broadcast of the 13:00 talk stage for the game Shinken at Shirobaco cafe. The emcee was Kawabata Shiori, and the guests were Hata Sawako, Arai Miwa, and Moriya Haruka.

This talk show was around 30 minutes. There was also another session at 16:00.

The seiyuu all sat down at a table for the talk show. Each seiyuu talked about their own characters.

Sawako's character Flamberge Montauban was a recent addition. The character is French, but speaks Osaka-ben Japanese. Sawako said she is from Osaka, but she doesn't speak Osaka-ben that well.

In the next corner, each seiyuu drew a picture of a menu item based on their characters. Sawako drew a bread with chocolates and fruits on top. They took a vote, with the live crowd and the niconico viewers, and Sawako won.

Then there were some final messages, and the event ended.

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