Shirobaco Cafe event broadcasts

Shirobaco Cafe is a cafe in Asagaya where the workers are all young seiyuu who are just starting out. Some of the seiyuu who used to work at Shirobaco are Nagaku Yuki, Takada Yuuki (ͫ), Mizuma Tomomi.

In addition to being a real cafe for eating and drinking, there is a small stage to hold some anime and game related events. Most of the events held at Shirobaco have been broadcast live on niconico.

Some of the event broadcasts are as follows.

date event / broadcast
2016.01.23 Shinken! Shoujo mini stage
2016.01.23 Shinshun Standing Live
2016.01.24 Shinken! Shoujo mini stage
2016.01.24 Shinshun Standing Live
2016.03.19 Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Extra
2016.07.31 Shinken! x Shirobaco Cafe Seiyuu Special Live

The camera at Shirobaco cafe is located on the ceiling, so the view of the stage is pretty good. When they zoom out to show most of the stage, you can see the heads and backs of the people who are standing in the first row.

Also for the songs, the mike doesn't pick up the background (crowd) noise at all. They must just mix the karaoke track and the singer's mike. So the broadcast doesn't sound much like a "live" event.

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