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This was the first Internet TV broadcast of Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi ( at 21:00-21:45 JST).

The hosts were the six Usagi Gumi girls (Okada Junko, Okamoto Asami, Makishima Yuki, Makishima Yuki, Suzuki Urarako, Konno Hiromi, Nishiguchi Yuka).

The real video server is at (in Osaka!?) It was very slow. The connection kept getting cut. Also I'm pretty sure the server crashed once (around 21:29). Most of the "video" images were tiny, blurred stills.. (;_;)

Along with the video, there was a "chat" server at stgaia. This was fine.. no performance problems with the chat. But everyone was complaining about the video/audio performance. (^_^;) The seiyuu did read some of the comments from the chat.

The first part was some information.
[most of this was audible]

The second set of vocal CDs were going on sale tomorrow (4/1). These songs are duets, and the first two are Endou Akira and Matsuoka Chie.

The Sentimental Night radio show was going to begin next week, Tuesday night.

The Sentimental Journey TV show was going to begin next week, Wednesday night.

The next corner was "how to have proper relations with the members of the opposite sex".
[a lot of this was not audible]

The next corner was "Candy Pop" by Watanabe Kaoru.
[most of this was audible]

Watanabe Kaoru was the singer for the OP song of Sentimental Journey TV. In addition, she sings "Kumo no Mukou" and "Sentimental Love" in English! The English "Kumo no Mukou" was playing in the background while she was talking. I think this is the theme song of this Internet TV show, and the English "Sentimental Love" seems to be the ending theme.

The next corner was "drawing song".
[a big chunk of this was cut off, server crash]

This week, Hiromi sang a song. She sang twice, but both times when she was singing, the broadcast got cut off.. (;_;)

The next corner was "school regulations".
[a lot of this was not audible]

Junko did a lot of the talking.. but couldn't make it out. (;_;) But there were a few nice close up pictures of her.

They talked about various regulations in clothes.. It quickly turned into talk of waitress uniforms at Anna Millers, Bronze Parrot, and other "famous" places. (^_^;)

Next week, there were going to be only three hosts: Junko, Asami, Yuki.

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