Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi

URL www.stgaia.co.jp/princesspc/rabbit/
Hosts Okada Junko (Ľ)
Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
Okamoto Asami (㸫)
Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
Konno Hiromi ()
Suzuki Urarako ()
Frequency weekly
Type video / streaming real video
Cost free

There was a set of daily Internet broadcasts (audio and video) called the Princess Planet Club (PPC), between April and October of 1998. Each broadcast had at least one seiyuu as a host, and it was usually tied in with some game or anime. In addition to the broadcast itself, there was a on-line chat system, so that the viewers and hosts can interact. This was broadcast live in the weekday evenings.

One of the PPC broadcasts was called Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi (or Moonlight Rabbits), which featured the six Usagi Gumi seiyuu from the game and anime Sentimental Graffiti (Sentimental Journey). For some special broadcasts, all of the seiyuu appeared, but for most of the broadcasts, the seiyuu were divided up into two groups. The first group was Okada Junko, Makishima Yuki, and Okamoto Asami. The second group was Suzuki Urarako, Nishiguchi Yuka, and Konno Hiromi.

Some short summaries of the broadcasts are available.

broadcast date hosts
1 1998.03.31 all six
2 1998.04.07 Junko, Yuki, Asami
3 1998.04.14 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
4 1998.04.21 Junko, Yuki, Asami
5 1998.04.28 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
6 1998.05.05 Junko, Yuki, Asami
7 1998.05.12 Urarako, Hiromi
8 1998.05.19 Junko, Yuki, Asami
9 1998.05.26 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
10 1998.06.02 Junko, Yuki, Asami
11 1998.06.09 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
12 1998.06.16 Junko, Yuki, Asami
13 1998.06.23 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
14 1998.06.30 Junko, Yuki, Asami
15 1998.07.09 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
16 1998.07.16 Junko, Yuki, Asami
17 1998.07.23 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
18 1998.07.30 Junko, Yuki, Asami
19 1998.08.06 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
20 1998.08.13 Junko, Yuki, Asami
21 1998.08.20 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
22 1998.08.27 Junko, Yuki, Asami
23 1998.09.03 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
24 1998.09.10 Junko, Yuki, Asami
25 1998.09.17 Urarako, Yuka, Hiromi
26 1998.09.24 all six
27 1998.10.01 all six

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