Moonlight Rabbits 4

The hosts were (from left to right) Yuki, Junko, and Asami. Yuki was wearing a cow pajamas, Junko was wearing a colorful pajamas, and Asami was wearing yellow pajamas.

The first corner was "figure de talk", and the figures were Asuka and Miyuki. They gave out information on the Sentimental Cospa and the country wide live tour.

The next corner was "jun isei kouyuu" and the topic was friendships. They said that the six Usagi Gumi girls were good friends. Yuki and Asami said that they probably wouldn't like the same person.

The next corner was "Candy Pot" by Watanabe Kaoru. She talked about Carol King. Then she played the guitar and sang "I'll Be There" in English.

The next corner was the "ekaki uta" corner, and Junko sang a song. She said she stayed up all night to think of the song. The song was for drawing a monkey.

The next corner was the "toumei kousoku" corner, and they talked about the "seven mysteries" that existed in schools.

There was a question by a viewer who asked Yuki were she got the cow kigurumi pajamas. Yuki said she got it in Kichijoji.

The present this week was a figure of Taeko.

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