Moonlight Rabbits 6

The hosts were (from left to right) Asami, Junko, and Yuki.

They read mail from a Japanese student who was studying in the USA.

The "figure de talk" corner was by Taeko and Asuka. The Tenshi ni Aitakute CD single went on sale today.

The next corner was "jun isei kouyuu" and the topic was indecisiveness.

The next corner was "Candy Pot" by Watanabe Kaoru. She showed some video from the Sentimental Cospa event. There were pictures of the dressing room, Kaoru on stage, and some of the cosplayers.

In the "ekaki uta" corner, Junko chose the picture that she liked from the song she sang two weeks ago. The song this week was by Asami.

The next corner was "toumei kousoku".

The present this week was a figure of Asuka.

Overall, the camera work was good his week. There were more closeups than before. The network was slow, and it was more like stop motion, but most of the pictures were clear.

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