Moonlight Rabbits 7

The hosts were (from left to right) Urarako and Hiromi. Yuka had to go to a recording so she couldn't appear. Urarako had her hair in two long braids. Urarako also had a cardboard "mask" of Yuka, and put it on to act as Yuka.

The "figure de talk" corner was by Akira and Rurika.

The topic for the "jun isei kouyuu" corner was how to make up after a fight. They said that there hasn't been any fights within the Usagi Gumi. Hiromi said that she fought a lot with her siblings. Urarako doesn't have any siblings.

In the "Candy Pot" corner, Watanabe Kaoru showed off her dress collection. She wore a red 50's American dress, a white dress, an orange dress a colorful sexy tight dress, a white one piece, and a black mini one piece.

In the "ekaki uta" corner, Hiromi sang a song, and Urarako drew a picture. It was supposed to be a rabbit, but it didn't turn out too well.

In the "toumei kousoku" corner, the topic was class field trips.

The present was a figure of Rurika.

There were some sound effects today. (I don't think they were used before.)

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