Moonlight Rabbits 8

The hosts were (from left to right) Junko, Yuki, and Asami. Junko was wearing a yellow hat.

The topic for the "jun isei kouyuu" corner was first date.

In the "Candy Pot" corner, there was a video of Kaoru's event in Akihabara, which took place on 5/10. She sang "Keep On Smile", and they played the whole song.

In the "ekaki uta" corner, the song was by Yuki. Asami also chose the "winner" for her song that she sang two weeks ago.

In the "toumei kousoku" corner, the topic was test. Yuki said there was a test where she forgot to write her name, so she got a zero. Asami said that she failed her preliminary driver's license test.

The present this week was a figure of Wakana.

[Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi]

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