Moonlight Rabbits 12

The hosts were (from left to right) Asami, Yuki, Junko.

[The network connectivity was bad again this week.]

The "figure de talk" corner was by Asuka and Taeko. They said that the SG drama CDs 5 and 6 will go on sale.

The theme for the "jun isei kouyuu" corner was a present that you want to give.

In the "Candy Pot" corner, there was a video of Watanabe Kaoru cooking. She made noodles.

In the "ekaki uta" corner, they showed the results from two weeks ago, when Junko sang a song to draw Taeko. This week, Asami sang a song to draw a monkey. She sang the song twice.

Starting next week, they will take requests for songs, along with the "answer" (the picture), and the girls will draw the picture. The first theme is a rabbit.

The topic for the "toumei kousoku" corner was summer clothes. Junko said that she liked sailor fuku, and Asami said that she liked blazers.

[Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi]

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