Moonlight Rabbits 13

The hosts were (from left to right) Urarako, Yuka, and Hiromi. Yuka said that she forgot her pajamas at school, so she had to buy a new one.

The "figure de talk" corner was by Akira and Rurika. They gave information about the summer concert and the SG drama CDs 5 and 6.

In the "Candy Pot" corner, there was a video of Watanabe Kaoru ironing her shirt. She "taught" everyone how to iron it well.
[they skipped the "jun isei kouyuu" corner]

In the "ekaki uta" corner, Hiromi sang the songs that were sent in by the viewers (to draw a rabbit). Hiromi sang two different songs.

The next corner was "toumei kousoku", and the topic was pranks. This corner was very long today (around 20 minutes).

Okada Junko was logged in and joined the chat session.

[Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi]

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