Moonlight Rabbits 14

The hosts were Okada Junko, Okamoto Asami, and Makishima Yuki (sitting from left to right). They were wearing the same pajamas as usual. Junko was wearing the same yellow hood as last week.

Asami said that she got her driver's license!

The "figure de talk" corner was by Miyuki and Taeko. They gave out info about the final concert, the drama CDs, "Omoide Album" (software for Win95, going on sale 7/3), and the English SG songs (on sale now).

The "how to have proper relations with the members of the opposite sex" corner had the theme "confessions". Yuki said that she had never confessed before, but she had been confessed to by a girl. Asami said that she confessed when she was in grade school.

Someone (on the chat) asked if the girls wanted to confess, or be confessed to. Junko and Yuki said that they wanted to be confessed to.

The next corner was "Candy Pot" by Watanabe Kaoru. The video was taken in Kaoru's bedroom, and she was talking from inside her bed. Kaoru's CD single "My Only Love" went on sale 6/20. (This is "Kumo no Mukou" and "Sentimental Love" sung in English.) Kaoru said that she liked to read mystery novels, and talked about some of the books she read. Kaoru's first live will be 8/9. Details coming next week.

The next corner was "ekaki uta". They showed the results from two weeks ago, and then Yuki sang a song that was sent in for drawing a cow (Yuki in her cow pajama). Yuki sang it to the music of a famous enka song by Yashiro Aki. This was very good. The theme for next week is "food".

The "school regulations" corner had the theme "cooking".

Starting next week, this show will be broadcast on Thursday instead of Tuesday. Also the broadcast will be expanded to 1 hour. Then starting on the 7/16 broadcast, they will start charging money.

The sound came through most of the time, but the video quality was pretty bad this week..

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