Moonlight Rabbits 16

The 16th broadcast of Tsukiyo no Usagi Gumi was the first one that was restricted to members (pay to view). Since I had trouble getting in, I missed the first 5 minutes. (I didn't know that I had to sign up twice, once for HI-HO and once for PPC.)

There was a new interface for the chat system. Before we had to hit the reload button every time, but now there was an automatic reload. It reloaded every 20 seconds.

The hosts were Makishima Yuki, Okamoto Asami, and Okada Junko. Yuki was the leader this week. They were all wearing new pajamas. It was a set of matching pajamas with Yuki wearing blue, Asami wearing red, and Junko wearing yellow. I can't tell if it's a dress style or not, but their legs are visible, so it might be shorts.

Asami had her hair in two long braids, with an odango in the back. Junko had her hair in two tails (like floppy rabbit ears) on the sides.

The place where they were broadcasting from changed last week. Before they used to sit on a sofa, but now they are sitting on the floor.

The topic for the "ekaki uta" this week was a penguin. Asami sang two songs, while Junko and Yuki drew the pictures. The theme for next week was sea animals.

In the toumei kousoku corner, they talked about the various "famous" teachers in school. (famous doesn't mean world famous, but strange, or famous in that school.) Yuki and Asami did most of the talking (and reading) and people started asking if Junko was sleeping. (^_^;) Junko said that she forgot her contacts, so she couldn't read the computer screen.

In Watanabe Kaoru's Candy Pot corner, she gave out the information for her first live on 8/9. There will be two sessions, and the Usagi Gumi will be a guest in the first session. Kaoru is also recording a CD single for the Sentimental Journey Playstation game.

There was also a rebroadcast of the program, at 23:00 - 24:00, 24:00 - 25:00, and 25:00 - 26:00. Also the rebroadcasts have a large picture! The normal broadcast is around 155x110, but the rebroadcast is around 230x175. But the Japanese networks are way too crowded at those times to get good performance. (;_;)

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