Moonlight Rabbits 18

I missed the "real" broadcast, so I'm watching the rebroadcasts.. but the network is so slow, I'm missing a lot. (;_;) The hosts were Asami, Junko, and Yuki.

Asami cut her hair! It's just slightly longer than Yuki's now.

Urarako was also there, doing the sound effects (barking sounds), for "non-funny" jokes and such.. (but she didn't appear on the screen)

The topics were: marriage and lack of sleep.

Junko said that she sleeps 12 hours every day.

Yuki said that she doesn't get enough sleep, and her eyes are very red.

Junko sang the song for the Asami-dog (Asami wearing a dog kigurumi). The music was very similar to a Sada Masashi song..

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