Moonlight Rabbits 19

They sat from left to right, Urarako, Hiromi, and Yuka. Yuka had her hair tied on both sides, very cute with white ribbons. (Emiru style hair!)

Yuka read the wrong letter at the introduction of the "jun iseikouyuu" corner. She read the letter for the "toumei kousoku" corner.. (^_^;)

The topic for the "jun iseikouyuu" corner was the "love" that happened when people were working part time. Urarako and Yuka both said that guys tried to pick them up when they were working as a waitress. Hiromi said that she works when it's mostly housewives and old women, so she doesn't have guys going after her. But she feels happy when the old women say that she has a nice smile.

Watanabe Kaoru talked about the "jitter ring" that she recently got. She said that her live is coming up soon (8/9), and that she will be appearing at the SG Concert (8/16) too.

For the ekaki uta corner, there weren't any letters, so they couldn't do it. (The topic was summer festival.) But after a while, they got a mail, so Hiromi sang a song.

The topic for the "toumei kousoku" corner was places that people went to after school. Yuka said that a guy gave her a ride home on his bicycle, but since she was sitting on the back, her foot got caught in the back tire, and her shoe fell off and her foot became bloody..

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