Moonlight Rabbits 22

The hosts were (from left to right): Yuki, Asami, Junko. Asami said that the summer concert was like a dream.

The figure talk was by Asuka and Miyuki, and they gave out information on the SG maxi-single "Senti na Natsuyasumi".

Nishiguchi Yuka was also in the studio doing the sound effects. I think she was wearing glasses, but the picture didn't come in too good.. (;_;)

The topic for the "jun isei kouyuu" corner was "one sided love" (kataomoi).

In the Candy Pot corner, Watanabe Kaoru was outdoors, at a beach. She was also wearing a bikini top and white shorts.. Kaoru mentioned that this show will end in September! (the Usagi gumi hasn't mentioned this yet, I don't think)

The topic for the "ekaki uta" was "Jun-Penguin's friend seal". Asami sang the chosen song twice, and Junko and Yuki drew pictures.

The topic for the "toumei kousoku" corner was problems with living alone. Junko said that when she gets a prank phone call, she says an operator message, "the phone number that you called is not in use" and that stops the prank calls. Asami said that when she gets a call from a solicitor, she uses a childish voice and says, "my mother is busy and can't come to the phone now." Yuki said that one should buy lots of nuigurumi if one is lonely living alone. Yuki said that her phone bill was 24000 yen because she made a lot of phone calls last month. Junko suggested that she make collect calls.

Asami said that she will go over to Urarako's house that night to watch the rebroadcast of this show. Yuki said that she wanted to start using the Internet.

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