Moonlight Rabbits 25

[summary by Lin Jie Derek]

Just before the show began I was browsing the "konshuu no usagi-gumi". Okada Junko continues with her zoo trip, Nishiguchi Yuka said in hers that she sang 'Only Lonely Star' as rap in her 'Nanase-voice' @_@...Suzuki Urarako put up her seijin-shiki photograph. Very kawaii, but her face was *extremely* pale...must be the camera angle, or makeup. Didn't have time to read the rest before the show started.

Someone of the Usagi-gumi said that it was #25, but on the chat someone said it was #23. I don't know, I don't keep track ^_^;;

Suffered from net congestion throughout the whole show, so there were many parts which I missed. Going to catch them later during the replay. Konno Hiromi read a letter from Singapore. To my knowledge there's only one person here who sends letters to this bangumi, and somehow the lines she read sounded strangely familiar.... ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (But no Manami school badge...I suppose they don't give presents to the same person twice ;_;)

Suzuki Urarako and Konno Hiromi did the voices for the information corner. Sentimental Journey has been released for the PlayStation. They briefly described the game. More information about the game can be found at the SJ Official HP at

In the "Jun'isei koui no susume" corner they talked about long phone calls. Somebody mentioned on the chat that his longest phone call was 6.5 hours, that was when he confessed his love to someone.

Watanabe Kaoru's Candy Pot was taken at somebody's home (hers?). She was carrying a baby and tried to get it to say 'konnichiwa' to the camera. Then she changed the diapers for the baby. (I don't get it......@_@)

The Usagi-gumi did one picture for the egaki-uta. It was one with manjuus and bananas and muramasas ^_^;; The tune they used sounded very familiar, but I couldn't determine what it was. They also showed pictures of Akira, Rurika and Yuu RPG-ised. Very cute! Akira was a horse-headed pole-wielding mage-type, Rurika a knight in blue armour and Yuu a cleric in red robes. There was a picture showing them fighting a large black figure which was holding a 'princess'.

I was slightly distracted during the "toumei kousoku" corner, so I don't remember clearly what they were saying. Something to do with rumours of a transfer student and getting married to teachers or something like that. ^_^;;

The free gift this week was Manami's school badge.

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