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    Iwao Junko events (1998)

    Some of the events that Junko has appeared in during the year 1998 are as follows.

    1998.01.10Jisedai World
    1998.01.18Ginza Voice Of Animation 2 -What about Perfect Blue-
    1998.03.21Iwao Junko concert
    1998.03.22Iwao Junko concert
    1998.04.25Kimochi DVD event in Ishimaru Soft One
    1998.08.21Iwao Junko concert in Osaka
    1998.08.22Iwao Junko concert in Nagoya
    1998.08.26Iwao Junko concert in Sendai
    1998.08.27Iwao Junko concert in Fukuoka
    1998.08.29Iwao Junko concert in Nakano Sun Plaza
    1998.08.30Iwao Junko concert in Nakano Sun Plaza
    1998.10.17Iwao Junko Live in Kobe
    1998.10.18Iwao Junko Live in Nagoya
    1998.10.30Iwao Junko Live in Kyoto
    1998.10.31Iwao Junko Live in Kyoto
    1998.11.21Iwao Junko concert at Keio University
    1998.12.29Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
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