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    Iwao Junko radio

    Radio Shows

    Junko was a regular on the following radio shows.

    Guest Appearances

    Junko appeared as a guest on the following radio shows.

    1995.05.06Nowanchatte Say Youguest
    1995.05.13Nowanchatte Say Youguest
    1995.05.26Twilight Syndromeguest
    1995.06.02Twilight Syndromeguest
    1995.06.15Tonkatsu Wideguest
    1995.09.01Twilight Syndromeguest
    1995.09.29Anime Scrambleguest
    1995.12.15Ruri Iro Aquariumguest
    1997.04.14Gerugeto Shocking Centerguest
    1997.06.09Gerugeto Shocking Centerguest
    1997.10.18Shinmichike no Hitobitoguest
    1998.05.25AniGe Masterguest
    1999.11.16Ani Game Paradiseguest
    1999.12.31Anime Kouhaku -Kanzen Hozonban Specialmessage
    2003.02.09Tales RingGuest
    2003.02.16Tales Ringguest
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