Iwao Junko events (2000)

Some of the events that Junko has appeared in during the year 2000 are as follows.

2000.01.05Iwao Junko concert tour 1999-2000
2000.01.06Iwao Junko concert tour 1999-2000
2000.04.22Iwao Junko concert at Art Sphere
2000.04.23Iwao Junko concert at Art Sphere
2000.07.16Iwao Junko live in Kobe Kitchen George
2000.07.20Iwao Junko live in Nagano Junk Box
2000.07.30Iwao Junko live in Yokohama 7th Avenue
2000.08.12Iwao Junko live in Kyoto
2000.08.13Iwao Junko live in Kyoto
2000.08.20Iwao Junko live in Nagoya Bottom Line
2000.09.09Iwao Junko live in Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou
2000.10.18World PC Expo 2000
2000.11.23Iwao Junko Concert in Kyoto
2000.11.24Iwao Junko Concert in Kyoto
2000.11.25Iwao Junko Concert in Kyoto
2000.12.16Iwao Junko Talk & Sign event in Yokohama HMV
2000.12.28Concert Tour 1999-2000 Final

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