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Kayano Ai books and magazines

Some of the books and magazines that Ai has appeared in are as follows.

2011.07.28Shuukan Ascii Akihabara Genteiban August 2011Kami-sama no Memocho interview, COLOR {2 P}
2014.05.30Dengeki G's Magazine July 2014Hibiki Radio Station article, COLOR {1 P}
2016.09.23Young Animal 2016 No.19photo collection, COLOR {7 P, cover}
2018.10.03Shounen Magazine 2018 vol 44interview, COLOR/MONO {2+2 P}
2019.09.04Shounen Magazine 2019 vol 40Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet interview, COLOR/MONO {2 P}
2020.01.08Shounen Magazine 2020 vol 6Runway de Waratte interview, COLOR {1 P}